Robbie Antonio Partners with And Studio to Release Series

New York, New York, April 18, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tech entrepreneur and real estate businessman Robbie Antonio is pleased to announce the release of his design-focused NFT series, featuring the exclusive works of internationally renowned architecture firm And Studio.

The series showcases an array of modern works developed by designers at And Studio, including their additions to Revolution Precrafted, Robbie Antonio’s international home design company that offers exclusive prefabricated structures from dozens of the world’s leading minds in architecture.

Serving as the series debut Antonio revealed “The Chapel” – And Studio’s unique landscape composition that offers a revisited motif of the Tower of Babel, creating a sense of universality and elevation. Using the focal point of the chapel’s pristine white bell tower, the piece features a 360-degree view of its natural surroundings and upcoming urban projects, including uniform cypress trees and outcrops of lake-side boats. Collectors can view and purchase the limited-edition piece through the popular NFT marketplace Foundation, with more works in the series to be added to the platform over the course of the year.

“We are very excited to release these beautiful designs and share them with the world,” said Robbie Antonio, Founder & CEO of Revolution Precrafted. “The work of And Studio speaks for itself, and we are very happy to have them as close partners through Revolution Precrafted. This series was curated to showcase some of that work as well as inspire those with a passion for art, architecture and design.”

Expanding on the technological capabilities of NFTs, Robbie Antonio added: “As both an art collector and someone who spends a great deal of time collaborating with innovators in the tech field, I have been a strong supporter of the NFT space since it first emerged several years ago. The technology carries a lot of capabilities, especially for digital art and creators, so I hope to help support that growing industry through this release of works.”

“NFTs have practically taken over the art world in recent years, and as creatives, we are always intrigued by the idea of experimentation,” said And Studios Founder & CEO Duccio Cardelli. “We went through the concepts that we contributed to Revolution Precrafted and worked with Robbie to select the pieces we thought best represented our designs in that catalogue. We think viewers will be pleased with the end product.”

In addition to Revolution Precrafted, Robbie Antonio is also Founder & CEO of Resident Holdings Group, a collection of start-ups heavily focusing on innovation in the tech and real estate industries.

About Robbie Antonio
Robbie Antonio is an international businessman, real estate developer, and patron of the arts and design. Robbie Antonio is Founder & CEO of Revolution Precrafted – a collaborative of more than 86 of the world’s foremost creatives in architecture, art, and design to produce a full-suite of limited-edition precrafted living spaces, adaptive amenity spaces, pavilions, and other high-end structures. Learn more about Robbie Antonio by visiting his official website: or follow Robbie on FacebookInstagram, or Twitter.

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