2022 Genesis G80 Sport: Modern Athleticism

It was just last year that Genesis built the G80 from ground up, hoping to bring a completely new face to the market. And so, it did, via two turbocharged powertrain choices and a brand-new design language. There was plenty to like about the new Korean sedan. The 2022 G80 Sport takes it a step further, bringing some athleticism into the mix.

As of 2022, all Genesis G80 Sport models come with standard all-wheel drive. With this, every G80 featuring a V6 under the hood is basically a G80 Sport. Wishing you could choose rear-wheel drive for some fun around the corners? You will have to settle for the 2.5-liter, turbocharged 300 horsepower inline-4 model, unfortunately.

G80 Sport Diet Plan

Genesis made efforts to shave off some mass on the G80 Sport. The 2022 iteration weighs 4495 lbs, 163 lbs less than the previous generation AWD V6 configuration. The 3.5-liter V6 under the hood preserves its power figures, with 375 horsepower and 391 pound-feet of torque available between 1300 to 4500rpm. Given the wide rpm range where full torque is available, the Genesis G80 Sport can sprint out of pretty much any situation. Its mid-range acceleration is where it shines the brightest, as 30-50mph passing maneuvers happen at lightning-fast speed.

Engine sound levels have dropped by 2 and 3 decibels at 70mph and at full throttle, respectively. Still, speakers will electronically come to aid engine sound. Fortunately, you can turn off the enhancement completely, unlike with other brands. We’re looking at you, BMW.

Bold Yet Classy

While the front mounted enormous crest might not be to everyone’s liking, the overall design philosophy of the 2022 G80 Sport catches the eye everywhere. Dual horizontal lines on the outside give off a premium vibe, even to those who might not know what Genesis is.

On the inside, the driver and passengers are treated to a plethora of design details and enough tech to swim in. Particularly, the Sport Prestige trim features a surprising crisscross finish pattern followed by well thought carbon fiber inserts. Red is the most striking upholstery color option out of three. It might not be for everyone, but there’s also black and beige available.

Premium Driving Dynamics

If you’re not one to sit in the back and just let yourself be blown away by the outstanding amount of space and technology, hop behind the wheel and see what the G80 Sport can actually do. At first, it seems like the sedan feels most at home in Comfort mode. After all, there isn’t really anything about the G80 sedan screaming “race”. The experience changes once you switch to Sport or Sport Plus mode.

Steering gets heavier but without any extra feedback, throttle reacts faster to input and the brakes are more eager to clamp the ventilated rotors even when just caressing the pedal. Sports Plus mode is very intense, keeping the gearbox revving to near redline every shift and disabling traction control. With the addition of 4-wheel steering, the G80 feels more nimble than ever before and certainly helps keep the G80 in-line during hard acceleration through corners and around tight bends. Dare I say the G80 Sport at just under 4,500 lbs is even fun to drive on canyon roads?

Taking Genesis Seriously

The new G80 Sport ticks all the boxes for a luxury midsize sedan. It has the looks, it has the tech and it provides the power. Genesis has constantly improved on its flaws and continues to ascend as a brand and the 2022 G80 is the result of just that.


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