These Will Be the Top Design Trends of 2022, Experts Say

It seems we’re also looking to the sky for inspiration. “We believe in the growing importance of a luminous mid-tone that calls to mind the luminosity of clear skies and is therefore cool and optimistic, not cold,” Riberti says. “It’s a great color to instill positivity without being overwhelming, and it works well both with the naturals and with the other mid-tones, bringing to spaces and products a lightness and a reassuring, yet optimistic simplicity that will certainly resonate with consumers and their shifted lifestyles in 2022 and beyond.”

According to Riberti’s colleague Lisa White, creative director and director of interiors at WGSN, terra-cotta will continue its starring role in a year when “color is about being both grounded and hopeful.” White continues, “The appeal of terra-cotta tones translates to interiors products across the board, from hard materials like natural stone, oxidized metals, wood, and clay, as well as soft materials like linen, leather, suede, and brushed pile fabrics.” Finally, she adds, “We are even seeing products being beautifully upcycled by being dipped in terra-cotta paint.”

A sunroom in the home of Alex Tieghi-Walker exemplifies the rise of the contemporary conservatory—another 2022 interior design trend.

Photo: Sam Frost

Contemporary conservatories

Our collective yen for biophilia is here to stay, but in 2022 it’s likely to become more sophisticated, White says.

“People have wanted to bring their living rooms and spaces outdoors, and they will increasingly want to bring the outdoors in, taking plant parenting and biophilic design to new heights,” she says. “We will see the rise of the indoor tree—especially lemon trees and olive trees—taking center stage in large pots.”

As cottagecore and grandmillennial trends ebb, a slightly more mondaine interpretation is taking its place: the contemporary conservatory. “Homegrown plant propagation is becoming more popular, and manufacturers are capitalizing on this by introducing new devices that enable different plant species to flourish inside, like miniature greenhouses modeled on classical designs,” White says. “The contemporary conservatory is a look that will be trending, whether creating an all-over garden-inspired room with patterned wallpaper and wicker furniture, or simply styling a conservatory corner in a sunny location in the home.”

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