Trulli of Alberobello typical houses. Apulia, Italy. getty Southern Italy has some of the most country’s beautiful beaches dotting its scenic coastlines. It also offers iconic archaeological and historical sites, mouth-watering regional cuisine, and the promise of warm weather throughout much of the year. The ancestors of many Americans and […]

The très French island of St. Barts is acting  more like  itself than ever before. After COVID put a damper on billionaire revelry last year, this season it was easy to forget that a pandemic was happening. Masks just aren’t en vogue — thanks to rigorous and ever-shifting testing requirements prior to […]

(CNN) — Though 2021 was not exactly the year of jet-setting travel that we’d hoped for, we have our fingers crossed for 2022. From cool urban hideaways in Oslo, Sydney and New York to far-flung island escapes in Mozambique, Indonesia and the Maldives, there’s an exciting array of hotels opening […]