4 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas, According to Experts

Whether you’re a novice organizer or a longtime neat-freak, these kitchen cabinet organization ideas from experts will get you in spring cleaning mode.

Do you dread opening your kitchen cabinets in fear that their contents will collapse like an avalanche all over the counter? Fear no more! These kitchen cabinet organization ideas will give you the tools to create and maintain order in your cabinets.

We got the best tips of the trade from Jamin and Ashley Mills, Atkins Small Wins partner and creator of The Handmade Home, as well as Jeremy Dobbie, Brand Marketing Director at Rubbermaid.

Tip #1: Purge and Make Space

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Many people hold onto things they simply no longer need. Give yourself permission to get rid of anything that no longer serves you! Whether it’s an out-of-place dish set or an unwanted wedding gift, make a donation pile and give it away to someone who could use it.

Jamin says, “You can’t organize junk, so it’s best to eliminate all the things you don’t use regularly, first. It’s amazing how much valuable real estate those unnecessary extra things can take up.”

The only way to sort your cabinets is by dealing with everything that fills them. Jamin explains, “That means finding a home for all those big bulky items that need a home, so that they’re not always out in plain sight, and you can use them when you actually need them.” If you need additional space, invest in more island carts, cabinets and shelves for your appliances and extra dishes.

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Tip #2: Note Your Needs and Create Structure

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Once you have cleared your space, you need to decide what your needs are and what your space allows. Then, you can implement systems of organization.

Jamin advises, “Take note of your needs. In other words, what can really be useful so that your cabinets can work hard for you? From drawer dividers to spice rack holders, organizers and more, implemented systems are the key to getting it organized, and keeping it that way.”

Implement turntables for oils, vinegar, spices, canned goods, mugs, cups and so much more! Cabinet organizers come in many forms and are a helpful way to break up your cabinets.

Oftentimes, the space at the top of kitchen cabinets ends up getting wasted. Jamin says, “The key is dividing these wasted spaces up, and finding height in storage there so that they can be used.” So, find the cabinet shelves that best suit your cabinet height to create layers for plates, food storage and appliances.

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Tip #3: Be Detailed & Maximize Your Space

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Once you have built large-scale structure into your cabinets, you can add smaller details and structure, like food storage, dish organization, cup stacking, appliance storage and so on. Jamin says, “Cabinet organization is not a one size fits all solution. It’s all about creating sections so that each little area can be fully utilized, and in that, finding what works for you.”

Some helpful kitchen cabinet organization ideas are sliding shelves, organizers for pots and pans, plate organizers and under-the-sink organizers.

Once you’ve found places for your appliances and dishes and created structure—large and small, it’s time to tackle food storage. You’ll want clear, stackable containers that will work for everything.

Jeremy at Rubbermaid explains, “Regardless of where you store your pantry staples, make sure that they are easy to see and reach. Finding what you need without hassle can help reduce stress and enjoy the cooking process.” Using clear, stackable containers allows for items to be accessible and keeps cabinets looking clutter-free.

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Tip #4: Organize and Label All Food Storage

With the tips above—discarding unwanted items, creating structure and maximizing space, you can have the organized cabinets of your dreams! Our fourth tip? Label! Use your food storage containers and other organization tools for everything! (And avoid these pantry organization mistakes.)

Jeremy recommends that you “store more than just the basics in airtight containers. Think beyond flour, sugar and coffee and include rice, snacks, dog treats and even marshmallows for hot cocoa.”

Then, once you secure all of the containers you need, consider a labeling system that includes item names and their expiration dates. “Labeling the containers with the food name and its expiration date will further help cut down on food waste—and maybe even save you money—by clearly showing you what you have,” Jeremy says.

Lastly, put in consistent effort and give yourself some grace. Jamin advises, “When it comes to keeping an area organized, it’s all about forming good habits. We recommend incorporating it into your weekly routine.”

Once you’ve mastered these kitchen cabinet organization ideas, take on these other kitchen storage organization ideas.

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4 Kitchen Cabinet Organization Ideas That Will Transform Your Space

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