NFL Week 17 Preview: Huge games for Trey Lance and Joe Burrow

1. The excitement over Trey Lance in a Kyle Shanahan offense was the prospect of Trey Lance actually operating a Kyle Shanahan offense. Basically, imagine all the things that work well with Jimmy Garoppolo under center, but now instead of just attacking the intermediate level of the defense, you’d have a quarterback who could pull it back on those wide-zone play-action looks and either (a) keep it and escape to the back side—forcing defenses to keep a back-side defender in place on every outside-zone run—or (b) fire a downfield throw outside the opposite hash, putting incredible stress on defenses, both vertically and horizontally.

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Boldface Names Give Los Angeles a New Cultural Center

Mon Jan 3 , 2022
LOS ANGELES — On a clear December morning, Los Angeles’s greatest hits shine from the roof of the Audrey Irmas Pavilion: You can see the Hollywood sign, the Griffith Park Observatory, even a snowy Mount Baldy, all without squinting. The pavilion, a futuristic, three-story trapezoid with a wood-paneled event center, […]
Boldface Names Give Los Angeles a New Cultural Center

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