Why these 6 Bay Area residents joined The Great Resignation

The numbers are startling. Millions of Americans have quit their jobs during the pandemic, an unprecedented mass exodus being called The Great Resignation as the pandemic jolted people coast to coast into making sweeping career and lifestyle changes.

The months of enforced confinement, the fear of looming mortality, the experience of working at home and the pressures of supervising kids not in school, among other factors, compelled people to hit reset on their lives, evaluate their priorities and decide to carpe diem.

Entrepreneurs struck out in new directions to follow their bliss. Parents sought more time with their kids. Baby Boomers retired at record rates. Lower-wage workers realized they could hold out for better pay and working conditions. Office workers decided they would only take jobs that let them work from home.

Month after month this year, about 4 million Americans have bid farewell to their jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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