The 9 Best Togo Sofa Replicas and Alternatives

Once you really begin to put down roots—and fixate less on selling your plasma to buy CBD gummies,—finding the correct couch to compliment your Scandinavian shag rugs, Monstera plants, and Noguchi lamps becomes something of an obsession. For us, that perfect piece is the Togo sofa.

“But, Mother!” you might say, “Shouldn’t I be saving up for a Wassily chair? Or a Terje Ekstrom orange noodle chair?” Well, we wouldn’t discourage you—after all, there are so many iconic, mid-century-modern pieces worth investing in for every aesthetic and time in your life. However, if you’re looking to throw down serious clams for a designer piece for the first time, the Togo sofa deserves some consideration. This isn’t just a couch, but a cradle; it’s a museum-worthy feat of design that reconciles comfort with 1970s smoking-gun sex appeal better than so many of its contemporaries (WE SAID IT), and it can turn your house into a home with the ultimate conversation pit vibe.   

As with fernet, Arrested Development, and Ines Rosales’ anise crisps, the iconic (and currently very trendy) Togo sofa is an acquired taste. At a glance, a Togo couch looks like an inviting squish that’s perfect for plopping upon—and it is—but as with most seemingly effortless pieces of design, this sofa is the product of intense engineering. It was designed by Michel Ducaroy for the heritage French meublier Ligne Roset, which has been in the furniture biz since 1860, and continues to crank out loveseats by Pierre Paulin, origami-inspired couches by R. & E. Bouroullec, and more swoon-worthy pieces. Only with Togo, Ducaroy said, “What if we made a couch… with no frame.” (Easier said than done—but let us be the first to tell you, he did.) 

When it made its 1973 debut at the Parisian Salon des Arts Ménagers, the Togo was awarded the coveted René-Gabriel prize for being such an “innovative and democratic [piece of] furniture,” as well as one of the first modular couches on the market. Today, each Togo sofa is still painstakingly hand-sewn and constructed with layers of cloud-like polyurethane foam to hug your body without ever losing its shape.

So how do you get your paws on a Togo sofa, or one of the best Togo sofa replicas and dupes on the market? If you want the real thing, Ligne Roset is still slinging them in a range of colorways and fabrics, and you might find some relatively affordable archive pieces on online auction sites (that’s affordable compared to some Togo sets, which can cost upwards of $38,000) in slicked-black and Cognac-leather materials that make us drool:

$3728 at 1stDibs

$6983.45$5586 at 1stDibs

Luckily, there are also some more affordable replicas out there. Thanks to the recent Togo renaissance amongst design-thirsty kids—there are over 17,000 posts under the #TogoSofa hashtag alone on Instagram, and a seemingly endless stream of Togo sofa TikToks that have amassed millions of views—we were able to cobble together this list of the best Togo replicas and affordable alternatives on the web, from Etsy to Amazon and beyond. So throw some Serge Gainsbourg on the record player, and let’s go shopping like it’s 1973. 

The best Togo couch replicas on Wayfair

Oh, if only we knew about this couch on Way Day, a.k.a. Wayfair’s biggest sale of the year—but no matter. No matter, jabroni! This couch by Ebern Designs is 17% off, comes in five colorways, and is just the ticket for your discerning Goldilocks buns. At 72 inches in length, it’s also the perfect convertible sleeper for a smaller apartment. 

$699$579.99 at Wayfair

If you’re keen on finding a Togo-inspired sofa that comes with a footstool, Trule makes a set that reviewers love because it’s “comfy, adjustable and absolutely perfect for a small reading nook area.” 

$474.99 at Wayfair

At a little over 200 clams, this Togo-inspired sofa is more affordable than most of our Friday night benders—and we dig how truly low-slung the floor is for cuddling with our pets (and wrestling our demons).   

$245.99$219.99 at Wayfair

$245.99$219.99 at Wayfair

The best Togo sofa replica on Amazon

Sprint, don’t run to this Togo dupe on Amazon—not only does it have a 4.8-star average rating, but it’s selling fast thanks to its cozy, double-take-inducing design. “I was a little hesitant to buy [this] chair on Amazon,” writes one reviewer, “[But it] looks exactly like the description and picture […] very expensive and very comfortable to sit on as well.” At under $800 a pop, it’s the perfect stand-alone Togo dupe for shoebox apartments, and a great starting piece for anyone looking to build out their own conversation pit over time. 

$759.99 at Amazon

The best Togo sofa replica on Urban Outfitters

The devil works hard, but Urban Outfitters works harder—and we would be lying if we said we didn’t love them for it. We’re not sitting on a pile of rubies over here, dude! So, when the UO deities cook up a full-sized Togo-esque couch for $999, we slide that tax return right on over. Not only does it come in a similar shade to that coveted Cognac piece that Togo does so well, but reviewers say it doubles as a great sleeper sofa. “I love this couch so much,” writes one fan. “It’s perfect for a cozy seating place that can also turn into a sleeping bed if needed.” 

$999 at Urban Outfitters

The best Togo sofa replica on Etsy

We can count on Etsy for everything from ninth dimension ceramic frogs to Togo alternative sofas and chairs—such as this set, which comes in a whopping 13 colorways and is also handmade in France. 

$986.15 at Etsy

The best Togo sofa replica on Homary

Promise us just one thing: When we die, we would like to be swathed in shades of velvet mustard right as the doves are released. Better yet, hoist us up to Him on this velvet Togo sofa dupe by Homary, whose stitching is très chic.

$2179.99 at Homary

Now put those feet up, and pour a tall one. 

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