Home Technology Systems: Tips, Tricks, and FYIs

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Home security and technology are not something to mess with. Your home contains everything you love, want to protect, and enjoy. So why take chances with a home security system that doesn’t work with you?

Integrated Electronic Services is dedicated to protecting and connecting your home and office. They employ cutting-edge, customized security and technology solutions installed and maintained by qualified technicians, to keep an eye on suspicious activity in your home and office and more.

Whether looking to install a new home security system or increase your home’s curb appeal, I.E.S. has expansive smart home capabilities, always easily accessible on an app. Nothing can beat luxury and safety in your home.

I.E.S. uses Digital Monitoring Products signals az

Here are a few tips from Integrated Electronic Services to consider when bringing smart technology into your home:

Rely on Professionals for Installation and Upkeep

Although readily available through any home improvement center, security systems are not something you want to D.I.Y. Easy to make mistakes could land you in trouble and discombobulate your entire home’s safety. Installation and programming your home security system is something you should leave to the professionals.

I.E.S. employs qualified technicians to install and maintain all of your smart home technology. In addition to getting your home security system up and running efficiently, all security systems from I.E.S. carry a 2-year warranty, a luxury not afforded by other companies. Certified longevity is an essential when looking to protect your home and family.

Make Your Home System Work for You

While protecting and serving your family, home, and office, I.E.S. offers customizable options to make your home technology work for you. You can connect your security, cameras, audio, and more from an easy-to-use app. Find all the luxuries, and protections of a smart home on any smart phone, tablet or computer.

I.E.S. uses Digital Monitoring Products that can automate so much more than security systems. From thermostats to door locks and lights, your home can work together to make your living and workspace fully programmable.

I.E.S. sonos signals az

Home Technology is Adding to Your Curb Appeal

Adding smart technology solutions to your home can benefit much more than quality of life. When putting your house on the market, make your home stand out by adding tech features.

Wireless security systems are high on the list of most desirable qualities for home buyers. Potential buyers enjoy the comfort of knowing their new home is fully protected and accessible via apps.

In addition, luxurious systems including hidden speakers, automated lighting, keyless entries, and more add that extra oomph. Buyers can see themselves lounging on the couch and setting the lighting for a movie at home.

I.E.S. uses sound systems such as Sonos, the ultimate wireless home sound system. Sonos fills your home with brilliant sound, room by room. Easily manage your system from any room. Browse music, radio, podcasts, and audiobooks, adjust the volume, group speakers to play in sync, set custom alarms, and more.

Whether looking to protect your family or enjoy your home to the fullest, I.E.S. . works with you to customize your technology efficiently and professionally.

Start learning how to love and protect your home with I.E.S. :

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Home Technology Systems: Tips, Tricks, and FYIs

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