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GRAND FORKS – Maintaining a clean carpet doesn’t just improve a home’s appearance — it also makes for a healthier environment, said Joey Dalzell, manager at Elite Carpet Cleaning in Grand Forks.

“We’re one of the few businesses that do everything – from carpets to tile and grout, upholstery, cars, detailing, RVs and boats,” said Dalzell, who’s been with the business since 2015.

He and his employees even cleaned a well-traveled customer’s set of expensive Samsonite luggage.

Elite Carpet Cleaning uses a hot-water extraction system, a highly effective method to remove the most stubborn dirt, said Dalzell, who holds certification in this field. This method “not only cleans and gives the carpet a good appearance, but it also pulls out all the bacteria and everything else that’s inside the carpet.”

He maintains a long list of repeat customers, including management companies, landlords and so forth, he said.

The frequency of carpet cleaning varies depending on need, he said. “Typically, if it’s just a regular high-traffic cleaning, I’d say two or three times a year. But I have a bunch of repeat customers who have kids and I’m there every other month.

“And, same with animals, if they have animals that aren’t trained, then they’ve got to call me more frequently than a couple times a year.”

His customers include those whose carpets “weren’t dirty at all, but they had a kid who had allergies or whatever it may be, and it pulls out all the dander and all that stuff out” of the carpet.

Some stains are worse than others.

For example, with pet urine, “if they don’t get to it right away, it’ll get into the padding. And then what happens is, you can get rid of the stain, but the smell will always be there until you pull that piece of padding out – we do that as well.”

“Hot-water extraction has been around for years and that’s the most thorough way and the best way to do it,” he said.

It’s best to treat stains as soon as they occur, by dabbing water or a cleaning solution on the area. Then, blot with a cloth or paper towel, moving from the outside in.

Other tips for keeping carpets looking their best, between professional cleaning:

  • Placing a doormat at every entrance to the home to stop dirt and grime from coming in.
  • Vacuuming regularly – make it a weekly habit, especially in high-traffic areas 
  • Wearing socks – feet are naturally sweaty and can leave oil on carpets that can attract and seal in dirt 
  • Placing rugs strategically – add an extra layer of protection to your carpet by placing rugs and runners in high-traffic areas or where eating and drinking occurs 
  • Rearranging quarterly – changing the location of furniture, which alters traffic patterns, can help prevent wear and tear from happening  
  • Removing shoes – asking family members and guests to remove their shoes at the front door will prevent excess dirt and grime from entering the house 
  • Skipping powder cleaners – while they might smell nice, they’re not recommended because they can leave a residue that can ultimately damage flooring 
  • Changing air filters – since dirt comes from the air, not just people, it’s a good idea to change your air filter every 60 to 90 days  

Elite Carpet Cleaning also provides related services, such as deodorizing and Scotchgard application on carpets.
All of Dalzell’s employees attain certification as cleaning specialists, because “if you don’t know what kind of chemicals you’re using with a certain type of carpet, you can damage it, burn it, bleach it – whatever it may be,” he said. “If you don’t know the chemistry, you could screw up somebody’s carpet.”

Every year, new products for cleaning carpets are introduced, Dalzell said.

“I’ve tried (products from) 30 different companies, and we just did our own testing and narrowed it down to whatever works best.”

Elite Carpet Cleaning serves customers well beyond the Grand Cities, he said. “There’s really no limits – as long as they don’t mind paying the mileage.”

“Everybody just wants their carpet looking good and smelling good,” he said.

When a job is completed, “it’s always a good feeling,” he said. His work is “oddly satisfying – that’s what I like to call it.”

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