Best wallpapers of 2022: Stylish designs to buy online


ove over, paint: wallpaper is coming back with a vengeance. If you’ve spent the last two years staring at the same, underwhelming walls around you, it’s almost definitely time for a change.

2022’s wallpaper trends cover a lot of ground (or should we say “walls”?) ranging from vibrant, eye-catching prints through to subtle, soft shades and industrial-chic textures.

The right wallpaper has the power to completely transform even the smallest, most light-starved of rooms, so don’t be put off if you’re not working with a large, airy space.

Meg Barrington, Interior Expert at says: “A key trend we’ve been seeing this year is maximalism, which is characterised by clashing patterns and colour, bold wallpaper and a mixture of textures. More people are embracing geometric and funky wallpaper designs to really express their creativity in their homes. With maximalism – more is more!

“Another key wallpaper trend is biophilic design, which finds ground within nature, plants and greenery. This type of wallpaper is especially popular as it helps to create that spa-themed relaxing oasis that many people crave.”

Interior designer Pandora Taylor adds: “Wall murals are making a real resurgence in 2022. If you want something fun and decorative, these can be a cost effective way to create something bold and unique, a bit like owning a fantastic piece of art. The best ones have a painterly effect that nod to high-end, hand-painted wallpapers.”

Your Zoom conference background is about to get an upgrade.

Bold florals: Wonderland Tropical

Product image

Add an exotic touch to your living room or bedroom with this intricately detailed tropical wallpaper. Its attention-grabbing print is one you’ll notice again and again, each time picking out new details.

Ideal for a feature wall with its vibrant colours, take a closer look to check out the chameleon with a top hat or the toucan in a bow tie. This colourful print isn’t for the faint hearted but guarantees a complete 180 refresh in any room.

With its multi-coloured background (ranging from navy blue to ochre), you’ll be able to easily incorporate matching tones throughout the rest of the room.

Geometric with a twist: Bauhaus Douglas Fir

Product image

Think traditional geometric with a modern touch and you’ll probably picture something a little like this Douglas Fir-coloured wallpaper.

Designed as a celebration of 100 years of the Bauhaus, this dark green and white wallpaper design features some of Walter Gropius’ most well-known architecture in an eye-catching style.

Made’s wallpaper designs are all printed in the UK on traceable timber paper, promising beautiful quality with each one-of-a-kind design. If you’re not a green and white person, you can also find this wallpaper in blue and white or blood orange and white.

Archive prints: Tulip & Bird Amaranth & Blush

Product image

Take a trip back in time for 2022 with some of the world’s most famed archive prints. This tulip and bird wallpaper was originally designed by C.F.A. Voysey in 1895 and combines bold colours and geometric prints into a unique piece.

Perfect for adding a modern yet vintage touch to any room, its larger-than-life nature makes it suitable for a feature wall with fairly neutral surroundings. Or, if you’re feeling brave, coordinate surrounding walls with vibrant blush pinks or contrasting greens. Another print with deeper details,  it reveals hidden birds amongst deep navy when you take a deeper look.

Soft botanicals: Morris & Co. Bird and Pomegranate Wallpaper

Product image from John Lewis

This vivid wallpaper has an almost metallic sheen, adding a luxe touch to a living or dining room with its cool green background. Hitting a great midpoint between colourful design and tasteful patterns, it’s tonal and calming with contrasting hints of coral and orange.

The subtly detailed nature of this print makes it shine – literally – as a feature wall, if you’re looking to brighten up a room without going all out with a new print. This Bird & Pomegranate print was the last patterned wallpaper design to be issued by Morris & Co. so it’s an extra special one from the brand.

Monochrome: MissPrint Little Trees

Product image

One of the biggest benefits of a monochrome wall is the ease of decorating: find black and/or white furniture and accessories and you’re sorted. Or, if you’re looking for something more adventurous, pick any colour from the palette and it’ll seamlessly contrast against your black and white walls.

Made’s Little Trees wallpaper sticks with the monochrome theme while adding a touch of fun to the trend. This intricate, whimsical design started out as a simple sketch and is a great example of contemporary style with a nod to nature.

Polka dots: Harlequin Bon Bon Wallpaper

Product image from John Lewis

Dotted wallpaper is timeless and comes in all sizes, ranging from the chic and stylish polka dot right through to more abstract, artistic variations. A great choice particularly if you’re looking to re-style a playroom or kid’s room without anything too garish, this pastel-hued Bon Bon print ticks all the boxes. It’s a paper designed mostly for children, with its randomly placed spots, but its neutral backdrop means this fun print wouldn’t stick out too much if used for a bedroom, office or spare room, either.

Wood panelling: Contemporary Wood Panel wallpaper in olive green

Product image from I Love Wallpaper

Panelling has made a steady comeback recently and now sits at the top of current interior design trends. “Proper” panelling can be expensive and difficult to create but panelled wallpaper offers the next best thing. This contemporary design comes in a cool, olive green tone that adds plenty of character to a large, open plan living space. It’s also a great option for making smaller rooms appear larger, thanks to the 3D textured element of the print. Not into olive green? There are lots more colour choices available via I Love Wallpaper, too.

Art Deco: Black and Gold Wallpaper

Product image

Art Deco wallpaper is perpetually iconic and doesn’t discriminate when it comes to colour. So, if you’re looking to jump on the trend but have a particular shade in mind, this might be the way to go.

Adding a modern twist to extravagant 1920s patterns, this black and gold wallpaper transforms dull rooms into something fancy restaurant-esque, providing a classy backdrop that absolutely deserves a fancy mirror to match.

Art Deco wallpaper is also a great excuse to go all out with lavish furniture and coordinating walls to match. If you needed a cue to be a little outrageous, this is it.

Maximalist designs: Jardin Aux Mille Fleurs

Product image

Less isn’t always more and these maximalist designs prove that point once and for all. Bright and bold, this Jardin Aux Mille Fleurs wallpaper makes a statement in all kinds of creative rooms and allows your personality to shine through.

The bright print, called “Garden of a Thousand Flowers” features a hand-drawn trailing vine with blooming flora in a rainbow of shades. Designed as part of the Kitty McCall Collection, its sandy background adds a neutral touch to this otherwise loud and proud design.

Grandmillennial: Fanciful Wallpaper

Product image

The Grandmillennial trend is, as you might have guessed, a fusion between your grandma’s traditional prints from the 50s and 60s and the newest designs for 2022, bringing together neutral, sometimes pastel-toned backgrounds with louder elements in a dazzling contrast.

Available in six varying shades, these charming prints pay homage to the European Indienne print bird and botanical fabrics of the 19th century in modern, contrasting shades that’re perfect for a feature wall. Choose the orange shade to hit the more modern end of the spectrum or opt for grey for a slightly more monochrome look.

Contrasting prints: Prowl Orange Wallpaper

Product image

Leave a lasting impression on all visitors with this leopard-infused print. Designed to sit as a mural or feature wall, this bright orange and blue design is a great backdrop for offices or smaller rooms for a quick burst of colour.

Its (relatively) simple print means this wallpaper works better on smaller walls but there’s nothing stopping you from going all out with leopard in every direction if that’s what your heart desires.

Love the leopard but wish it wasn’t quite so noisy? Choose the off-white or grey colourways instead.

Subtle textures: Nimbostratus Mist Grey

Product image

Not sure where to start when it comes to decorating your room? Keep it simple with an elegant, subtly textured print. This Nimbostratus Mist Grey wallpaper looks fairly plain from afar with a gentle cloud print up close that’s peaceful and relaxing.

Use this wallpaper in bedrooms to create a safe haven when you head to sleep at night. Or paste it around a home office for a versatile backdrop that won’t steal too much attention during your video calls.

One of the best parts about buying wallpaper from Woodchip & Magnolia is the brand’s colour coordination service, which helps you to source paints and fabrics in complementary shades easily.

Abstract botanicals: Copacabana Wallpaper

Product image

The botanical trend is one of the most versatile and promises to never go out of fashion. Focusing around natural elements – plants, trees, birds and flowers – with a statement green background, a botanical print works wonders in a bathroom or bedroom for adding a touch of tranquility to your space.

This Copacabana wallpaper features an exotic ensemble of foliage and exotic birds and comes in five subtly varied patterns. Keep on trend with the green option or add a touch of contrast to your room with the pink and green paper.

Dark blues: Carpe Diem Wallpaper in Indigo Blue and White

Product image

The dark blue paint trend is raring ahead and the dark blue wallpaper trend isn’t far behind. Gone are the days of avoiding dark walls for fear they’ll make the place look smaller: one or two dark walls adds a brilliant contrast, particularly when paired with contrasting furniture. Lust Home’s Carpe Diem wallpaper in Indigo Blue and White adds character with a striking white koi fish design. A little more exciting than your standard dark blue wallpaper, it adds depth to a small space and looks brilliant in the bathroom for a 2022-ready nautical-esque theme.

Wood effect: Black Wooden Boards

Product image

We can’t all be blessed with exposed brickwork or wooden backdrops. Fortunately, the best wood-effect wallpapers come with all of the fun but none of the upkeep: the very best of both.

Go dark to add a rustic, luxurious edge to your bedroom to bring that “New York loft” style to life. Although it might be wallpaper, you’ll have to get up close to realise these black boards are 2D rather than 3D. It’s chic, versatile style without any nails or hammers in sight.

Sleek metallics: Easy Molten

Product image

Sleek metallics will never go out of fashion and that’s a fact. Understated and cool, this fine textured print acts as a perfect backdrop for a neutrally decorated room or sets the scene for stylish furniture without stealing the show.

The textured nature of this print works wonders to make rooms look bigger, adding depth and reflection from the natural light as the day goes by. It offers a subtle impression, making it versatile enough for big or small rooms.


The sky’s the limit when it comes to big, bold wallpaper prints this year. Not only are bold floral prints great for staying on trend, they’re also ideal for adding a burst of optimism to any room. World of Wallpaper’s Wonderland Tropical is our favourite wallpaper of the season. Use it as a one-wall mural to brighten up a room or go all out with florals in every corner.

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