At the Desk with Matt Wintz: Nick Camino

Nicks shares everything from his career to family life, and is put to the ultimate Italian heritage test.

CLEVELAND — At the Desk with Matt Wintz is back for another episode this week, and we tapped Nick Camino to sit down and stay awhile. Nick and Matt are actually great friends behind the scenes, and why not talk about dad life on Mother’s Day? 

Here’s how the conversation went, getting you more familiar with the familiar face of Nick Camino.

MATT: “So, 17 years in Cleveland sports, radio to tv. How did you get into it, and my goodness, are you still as excited about it today as you were before?”

NICK: “Yeah the passion hasn’t changed. Its so neat to do this for a living, in my home town.”

MATT: “I remember, when you first came to WKYC, one of our first weekends together, remember the set walking we did in front of each other?” 

NICK: “I gotta tell you guys, that really broke the ice for me. It made my feel like there are absolutely times where we have to be serious, we do serious stories, but with sports for the most part though is a lot of fun.”

MATT: “So lets talk about your transition, so going from radio to tv, that is a decent transition right? You have lights, camera, you’re worried about time cues, and which camera to look at. How was that for you, was it natural?” 

NICK:  “The time. In radio, I was doing a 3,4, 5 hour show and doing the prep work. In tv, I’m getting 3, 4 minutes so it’s like wow, this is a lot tighter!”

MATT: “So lets transition to you’re a dad, I’m a dad. This is our vent time, I was going to call this the dad show. You’ve got two little boys, Rocco and Giovanni. How old are they now? 

NICK: “Giovanni is 3, Rocco is 2.”

MATT: “Unbelievable. For you, what are the joys of being a dad? Like what do people not know about you that you enjoy about being a parent? 

NICK: “I think just being able to do fun activities with your kids for the first time ever. You know recently, we did swim classes. We’re teaching them how to swing a racquet, throw a ball, all things I did with my dad.” 

MATT: “What stage are they going through, I mean 3 and 2, there’s a lot of things they’re going through right now. 

NICK: “We just got them potty trained, both of them. Props to mom on that, I helped a little bit on that. Like 5 percent. No I think the most challenging part, my wife and I have to challenge each other, who’s gonna be the one to deliver the bad news, whos gonna deliver the good news.” 

MATT: “You, during the pandemic, and your kitchen. We all remember your kitchen, everything was perfect. They would toss to me, I’d be in the playroom, it’d be a mess, stuff would be falling. And then we’d send it out to Nick, and the immaculate kitchen, it’d look like it was up for sale every time. I mean it was like a zillow kitchen. 

NICK: “People thought it was a green screen!”

MATT: “Do you cook at all? 

NICK: “I really don’t, Matt. I’ll stir the sauce, act like I’m adding a little salt, a little pepper to jazz it up. But not much, I’m not much of a cook. Marissa does a lot of it. But she has used, which is cool, is a lot of my family’s recipes and has implemented them in our home. My grandmother, Rose, was born in Campobasso Italy, my dad was born there as well. So I’m still first generation Italian which is cool.”

MATT: “So I want to test your Italian heritage, and your taste testing. I know this isn’t an Italian kitchen by any means. But I have a little test for you. We got some real cheap pasta sauce at the grocery store and some real expensive pasta sauce. So I want you to taste test, no tricks, I want you to taste test and we’re going to go through and see if you can identify the real good pasta sauce from the maybe not so good pasta sauce. Sound good? Join me in the kitchen.”

MATT: “So I’ve got 99 cent, 2.99, 8.99, 11.99. You are to taste test these and you’re gonna label them. If you get them right, you get an at the desk pencil.” 

Nick got just one of the sauces right, but we’ll let him keep the heritage. 

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