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Remodeling projects often devolve into frustrating experiences for contractor and customer alike.  But a good roadmap, understanding of the process, and continual communication make all the difference.  Wondering what to expect if you take the plunge?  We hope this short article from our team of industry experts sheds some light on your questions:

Question for Our Experts:

How does a typical remodeling project work?  I am considering a project for my home or office, but I have never contracted with a remodeler before.  What are important considerations to make before starting the project, and what can I expect throughout the project?”

Before delving into any details, it’s important for us to point out that there really is no such thing as a “typical” remodeling project.  For example, sometimes a homeowner goes on vacation for several weeks while the contractor remodels a kitchen or bathroom; at other times the homeowner needs to cook dinner nearly every evening, even during the project.  In every case, the contractor’s goal should be to tailor each project to the needs and desires of the homeowner rather than fit the homeowner’s project into a cookie-cutter production process.

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That being said, there is indeed a general flow to any type of remodeling project.  The basic steps can be summarized as follows:


Decide if, when, and how you’d like your remodeling project to be done.  Some customers come to us with design plans that have already been drafted by a third-party (architect or previous house plan, etc).  However, we are able to assist in the design process if you know you want to remodel, but are not quite sure how to go about this.  We also can refer you to interior design services to help you go beyond basic remodeling and put professional finishing touches on all aspects of your design.

Get pricing for the work you’ve decided you’d like to have done.  It is reasonable to get price estimates (or project price quotations) from three different contractors.  Comparative price shopping is a good place to start – but keep in mind that the old axiom “You get what you pay for!” holds true in the remodeling industry.  Tuckey Restoration strives to provide top-notch quality and expertise at honest, reasonable pricing.  In other words, we strive to deliver maximum value for each and every customer’s remodeling project.  Don’t hesitate to ask questions about each estimate – good contractors will be happy to review their estimates and explain their pricing.

In this step, a project contract is drawn up and presented to the homeowner to make sure that expectations are clear and everyone is on the same page.  This is the time to iron out any remaining details or lingering questions.  Once the contract is signed, work can begin!

Once a contract is signed and initial payments (or deposits) have been made, it’s time for scheduling, ordering materials, and a site visit with the project manager.   You have been working with sales personnel and estimators up to this point – now it’s time to meet the project manager and work crew!  These are all steps that can happen prior to the start of work which will help the job to go smoothly.

Now it’s time to remodel….the fun part!  You will be in close contact with your project manager throughout the project, ensuring that your expectations (as laid out in the signed contract) are met or exceeded in every aspect.  Project payments are made throughout the remodeling process, as per the agreed-upon payment schedule devised earlier.  Perhaps the most fun part of the entire process is watching your home or office be transformed!

As the project comes to a close, we make sure the customer is pleased with the work.  Final billing is completed and follow-up questionnaires are carried out to determine whether we’ve completely met or exceeded the expectations of the homeowner.

“What about the timeframe?” many people ask.  Well, the timeframe for jobs varies significantly depending on the homeowner’s needs and the project’s complexity.  Other unknown factors can also influence a project, such as weather and material availability.  Usually, there are fewer surprises on a job when we have adequate time to plan ahead.  We can, and do, accommodate jobs that require a quick turnaround, but it can be more of a challenge to avoid surprises on “rush” jobs.  Generally, prospective clients order their priorities according to three main concerns:  speed, cost, and quality.   Each element affects the other two, and as a rule of thumb, you can focus on two of these at a time.   You can do a high-quality job quickly, but it will affect the cost.  You can do an inexpensive job quickly, but it will affect the quality.  For this reason, excellent planning by the homeowner working in conjunction with the estimator/designer can help to maximize all three.  Keep in mind that you will remember the quality and the function long after you’ve forgotten the price.  Don’t sacrifice features or quality you really want, just to move forward with the job right away.  Sometimes it’s wise to wait a bit longer until you can afford the remodeling project that you truly want!

Finally, how do people typically pay for a remodeling project?  Contractors aren’t financing companies, so we cannot provide specific recommendations or advice.  However, we can say that most local, regional, and national banks (or other financial institutions) are willing to finance home improvement, remodeling, and reconstruction projects for residential and commercial customers both large and small.  Some customers are able to finance remodeling projects entirely from their existing savings.  Other customers who’ve just experienced fire, wind, water, or storm damage often have restoration and reconstruction (but not additional remodeling or new construction) financed in part or in whole by their insurance company (as part of the insurance claims process).  In short, there are many different avenues worth exploring that will allow you to pursue your home or office remodeling project.

Every project is unique – that’s what makes them fun!  Now that you have a roadmap to the remodeling process, are you ready to get started?

DISCLAIMER: This article is provided as a reference guide only. A qualified, professional contractor like the Tuckey Companies should handle all interior design, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, remodeling, metal fabrication, and restoration projects. Information presented here is of a general nature that may not be applicable in all situations. Tips, articles, and accompanying information do not represent an official recommendation of the Tuckey Companies.

All material Copyrighted (c) by the Tuckey Companies, 2022.

Disclaimer: This article is provided as a reference guide only. Information presented here is of a general nature that may not be applicable in all situations. Tips, articles, and accompanying information do not represent an official recommendation of the Tuckey Companies.

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