Architects transform micro studio into neat multiple-purpose home

Ecuadorian architects Juan Alberto Andrade and María José Váscones have transformed a 27.5-sq-m (296-sq-ft) space into a full-featured compact home, which is jam-packed with space-saving and multi-purpose furnishings. Dubbed Domestico, the tiny apartment can accommodate two adults and is designed to seamlessly transform over the arc of 24 hours: from bedroom to breakfast nook; wardrobe to home office; storage to kitchen; lounge to dining room; and workspace to yoga zone.

“The home by principle is evolutionary and adapts to new conditions,” said the architects. “Domestico refers to a habitable artifact that allows the condensing of everyday activities into one organizing element that transforms easily and does not sacrifice comfort.”

Located in the city of Quito, Ecuador, the project looks beyond spatial limitations to create a comfortable and aesthetic home that embraces clever architectural design solutions for living in a smaller space.

To achieve these goals, the architects divided the interior into two parts: one becoming a light-filled open plan multi-purpose living space and the second creates two floor-to-ceiling built-in units that are used to house and hide the different elements needed in the home.

The space converts into a breakfast table

The unit is not only elegant but is flexible in its design, boasting foldable elements that transform the central living space within a matter of seconds. A complete kitchen is hidden behind a sliding door, a fold-out desk/dining table is mounted to the bottom of the pull-down double bed, a laundry room and bathroom are housed within the structure, there’s a complete library too, and a pull-out closet. Much of the ample storage is designated to the upper quadrants and accessed via a metal ladder on a U-shaped track that wraps around the home.

A fold-down bed converts the space into a double bedroom

A fold-down bed converts the space into a double bedroom

“Every single one of these modules is organized through a horizontal axis that divides the object into two parts; the lower area for everyday activities, and the upper module for storage, which is at reach through a mobile ladder,” the architects explained.

The Domestico apartment is an excellent example of how a compact space can incorporate innovative architecture and furniture design to create a harmonious tiny home. Head to the gallery for a closer look at the numerous clever design features.

Source: Juan Alberto Andrade via Archdaily

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