An Editor’s Review of Ruggable’s Washable Rugs

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I enjoy keeping a tidy home, but I also like hosting guests, which means I have to balance my desire to have a spotless space with my urge to make people feel comfortable and relaxed in my apartment. Doing so requires low-maintenance decor that I can easily clean. For example, I recently had an impromptu gathering with a group of friends, and when one asked if his dog could come inside, I said, “Of course,” knowing I could toss my living room rug in the washing machine just as soon as everyone cleared out.

I’ve been testing one of Ruggable’s popular machine-washable rugs for the last two months, and it is every bit as stylish and convenient as advertised. I write about home products for a living, so I’d been familiar with the brand for some time and was eager to see how the material that can safely go in the washer and dryer looked and felt in real life. After the brand sent me the Persian-inspired distressed rug I picked out, I understood what all the fuss was about.

The rug arrived in a tall, narrow box that was lightweight enough for me to carry up my apartment building’s stairs on my own. Inside, I found my new rug and non-slip rug pad neatly rolled up. The rug cover is thin and features one side of woven chenille and another made of soft fabric designed to cling to the rug pad.

I chose the classic rug pad, which is only an eighth of an inch thick, but you can opt for a cushioned one that’s ideal for areas like the kitchen where you may do a lot of standing and need extra support. Either one you choose has grippy hooks on top to keep the decorative rug cover in place and non-slip rubber on the bottom that won’t budge.

Setup is a little counterintuitive, but it’s easy if you follow the brand’s instructions. It suggests first rolling up the rug cover with the design side in. Then place the rug pad where you want to display the rug, align the rolled cover with the pad (there should be about an inch of extra cover material on each end over the pad), and unroll the decorative cover on top of the grippy pad. You may need to smooth out the top layer to remove wrinkles and bumps, but then it will be good to go. 

After about two months of use that’s included enduring foot traffic, pet hair, and food crumbs, it was time to see how the rug actually held up in the washing machine and dryer. It was easy to remove the rug cover from the pad when I pulled it off, and to my delight, it fit into my washing machine. (Most rug sizes fit in standard washers, but take a look at the site to make sure your machine is large enough.) I added detergent and ran it on a normal cycle in cold water. When it was done, I moved it into the dryer and was pleasantly surprised to find it completely dry after just one try. 

Fresh and clean, the rug easily unrolled back onto the pad in its usual place in my living room. It looks brand new, and I’m happy to know I can relax when I have guests (both people and dogs) over, knowing that if a spill or accident happens, I can toss my rug in the wash without a second thought. That’s one of the many reasons I’ve been telling everyone I know to order a rug from Ruggable.

And that now includes you! If you’re looking for a low-maintenance rug that doesn’t sacrifice on style and comes at a reasonable price, check out some of Ruggable’s best-sellers below, or head to its site to browse all of its options.

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