8 Easy To Grow Houseplants Loved By Interior Designers

If you pay attention to the rooms you’re pinning on Pinterest, I’ll bet they have something in common: lush, green foliage in the form of an indoor tree or cute tabletop succulent. While it’s true that plants are the simplest way to turn your home into an oasis, it takes a little know-how to identify which varieties will (a) go with the aesthetic you’re after, and (b) stay alive in the specific conditions of your home. I’ve learned from experience that not all indoor plants are created equal, and over the years I’ve amassed a personal list of easy to grow houseplants that go with my interior design vibe, too.

Though I love to grow things, I’ll be the first to admit that my green thumb didn’t come naturally. For years, I was ridiculed by my family (all amazing gardeners) for letting my house plants die a slow painful death as they got too much or too little light, or went weeks without seeing a drop of water (oops!) The turning point happened when I started treating my house plants with care. I know it sounds obvious, but one simple practice changed everything for my relationship with plants: I added a Sunday reminder to my calendar to “water the plants.” I finally heeded my own advice to just schedule the thing, and… it worked!

No matter how busy the weekend gets, I relish in the 15 minutes it takes to go around each room of the house, giving my plants a good shower in the sink (or for larger ones, in the actual shower.) This is also the time when I check the leaves for telltale signs of too little light (yellowing or dropping leaves) or too much light (often brown dry patches) and can adjust their positioning accordingly. The result is that my house plants are now healthy and super lush–and it makes me happy every time I see them.

So, ready to go plant shopping? Scroll on for 8 easy to grow houseplants that are loved by interior designers (and me!) to make any room of the house feel more serene.

Rubber Plant

You heard it here first: rubber plants are the new fiddle leaf figs. The deep green foliage and sculptural shape of this gorgeous member of the ficus family makes it a sophisticated addition to any room–no wonder designers love them. While they can tolerate direct light, mine have done a bit better when the light is more indirect. I give my rubber tree a good water each week during my Sunday session. Some of them even have pink-hued variegation, which is gorgeous.


Oh how I love a Philodendron–they’re one of the beautiful, truly easy to grow houseplants I always have in my home, and they don’t require anything more than weekly watering (and if you forget a week or two, they’ll be fine.) There are many varieties of Philodendron–some can get really big–and I think they’re all gorgeous. They like partial sunlight that mimics their native tropical environment. Note that Philodendrons are toxic to pets, so be careful.

Audrey Ficus

The Audrey Ficus is my absolute favorite for both indoors and out so I had to give it a spotlight–see the one in our living room, above? Swoon. Modern and minimalist, it can grow into a full tree like a fiddle leaf fig, but it’s way easier to keep happy and thriving. For growing success, place your Audrey Ficus in a spot that gets bright, indirect light, and let the top layer of soil completely dry out before watering


A trailing vine adds such a cool touch to any space–I especially love one on a shelf in the bathroom to add spa-like vibes. The Pothos has earned the nickname “devil’s ivy” for its ability to withstand dark conditions and any manner of watering neglect.


Another interior designer fave, the Monstera adds a tropical feel to your space, and I love how large and lush it can get with proper care. Monsteras are a type of Philodendron, but I had to devote an entire section to this particular beauty since it’s one of my very favorite easy to grow houseplants. Choose a deep pot with good drainage, place in bright, indirect sunlight, and water weekly. It’s an instant way to add major wow factor to a bedroom, living room, or patio.

Air Plants

It feels a bit magical: Tillandsia grows without dirt altogether, making it a perfect plant to tuck into a sculpture or basket-type vessel that can’t hold dirt or water. I spritz mine with a spray bottle of water every couple weeks, and my kids never fail to be amazed at this plant that takes care of itself.


A great way to add tropical vibes to a space, I love the pink-tinged foliage and sculptural shape of the Bromeliad (it’s in the same family as a pineapple!) Make sure to put them in a pot with plenty of drainage so that water doesn’t sit on the roots. While they don’t last forever (usually about a year), Bromeliad’s produce “pups” that you can harvest and start the process again.

Jade Plant

The Jade Plant (also known as the lucky plant or the money tree!) are one of the most easy to grow houseplants in the succulent family. Since they’re extremely durable and can withstand some missed waterings, they’re perfect for newbies and will usually stick around for years.

8 Indoor Plants Loved By Interior Designers–And They’re Nearly Impossible to Kill

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